Very Vigouroux Red Half-Case

7 bottles included in this collection:

2015 Voluptueux Malbec
2 x 2015 Voluptueux Malbec
Drinks Waiter's Corkscrew
1 x Drinks Waiter's Corkscrew
2016 Princesse Joyeuse Vin Rouge
2 x 2016 Princesse Joyeuse Vin Rouge
2016 Pretium Malbec
2 x 2016 Pretium Malbec

Very Vigouroux Red Half-Case

Malbec and more from this French winemaking family


For over a century, the Vigouroux family has passed a love of wine from generation to generation, building a reputation as one of the finest producers in France. Savor a six-bottle sampling of Vigouroux’s rich red wines with this special selection that features a smooth red blend; and Malbec from Cahors, the grape’s French home.

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