2016 Pretium Sauvignon Blanc

2016 Pretium Sauvignon Blanc

Crystalline French white with exotic fruit and citrus


This beautiful French white wine from Georges Vigouroux has a lovely, crystalline color with appealing notes of exotic fruit and citrus. There’s a nice balance of acidity and fruit on the palate, and a persistent and refreshing finish. Pair 2016 Pretium Sauvignon Blanc with your favorite seafood and poultry. This wine hails from Southwest France, the Wine Enthusiast 2017 Wine Region of the Year, “…a hotbed of dynamic innovation and new wines” that “…has retained its roots and a history that stretches back into the origins of French winemaking.”

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Winery: Georges Vigouroux
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Year: 2016
Type: Dry
ABV: 11.5% ABV
Country: France